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Bulgari jewellery , Rose Goldea perfume

Bulgari Rose Goldea perfume
August 17, 1616,pandora jewellery sale   Cleopatra Cleopatra is a very important source of inspiration for BVLGARI, and Rome’s jewelry perfumer translates its legendary story into his design , To create a piece of exquisite works. Cleopatra’s fascinating glamor made her a symbol of history, and she was known as the “unclean”. Over the past 20 centuries, the image of Cleopatra has repeatedly appeared in many works of art, literature, opera, ballet dance, film and so on all over the mysterious story of Egyptian Yan. Until today, the Bulgari Rose Goldea rose gold Jin perfume sermon graceful grace after the graceful posture, as the real awakening of Egyptian Yan after the general, reproduce the modern female heroes in the mysterious and unbelievable.
Klein Patera, the god of the sun god, her dazzling light filling the Bulgari Rose Jin Yang perfume fragrance connotation, her immortal spirit will also be in this charming fragrance series has been extended, Modern feminine white woman. As one of the famous beauticians in history, she is very knowledgeable about the art of temptation, so that the two most prominent leaders in history – Julius Caesar, Marc Antony For her dumping. Her smart, glamorous, pose the achievements of her unique peerless elegance, but also let her become a much praised in history, Zhuo Er different Pharaohs. Klein Patera has many talents, and the most talked about is that it is said that she is very good at creating,pandora rings jewelry sale  the use of “love weapons” – such as jewelry and perfume, so that her love was captivated.
Decided to lure the Roman Empire General Mark Anthony that night, Cleopatra’s palace covered with knee-length rose petals, fresh roses fragrance filled room. People always say that fragrance can be aphrodisiac, passion and passion between partners to become more powerful and long-term may be the resulting Rose is the favorite flower of Clio Peppa, in addition to love the aroma of roses, the rose has long been the most recognizable personal symbol of Egyptian Yan.
Bulgari Rose Golden Flower perfume completely retains the fragrance itself is a strong temptation of the characteristics of the sensation of the infinite joy. Sprayed on the body of the body, like to wear beauty, to smell the fragrance of people widely hints of love. This is a fragrance with a strong smell of the fragrance, the first smell will be able to outline a glamorous woman’s light coming, and then hear the time will leave the woman away when the real and long sense of smell. This is like the ancient Egyptian period, the women wet the coat with perfume, and wore the fruit with a fragrant seed into a necklace, as a beautiful ceremony of purification.
Rose Jin Yang: endless temptation of the abundance of fragrance
Snake, symbolic intelligence, life, eternity, is the most representative of the Cleopatra decorative totem, is her inseparable amulet. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the snake as the patron saint of the king, symbolizing the power of the king and the ruler. Clio Oprah was reportedly dead in the snake kiss, but also the world as a snake spirit guardian of Egyptian beauty after the eternal beauty of the means. Bulgari’s most classic “Serpenti” sprite tightly wrapped around the rose gold Jin perfume bottle, traction of this bottle of fragrance fatal temptation fragrance. Bulgari “Serpenti” series since the introduction of more than 50 years of time has long been the most classic brand logo Bulgari, known worldwide, the achievements of the Roman jewelry division of the shining. The snake totem in the history of mankind, as early as ancient Greek and Roman mythology, is the symbol of strength pandora beads on sale . The serpentine serpentine represents the wisdom and temptation, crossing the long history of Rome in 2700 and becoming a noble totem. The dizzy prey is one of the familiar abilities of the snake, and this ability is no match for other animals. Today, the snake silent gaze is still very powerful penetrating power, straight people can not look directly.
The body of the snake plate song of the graceful body, as around the guardian of the perfume woke up every woman in general, the spirit of the spirits, The History is always a repeat of 46 years BC Cleopatra follow the arrival of Caesar the Great of Rome, wearing a Cobra shape crown, the face of the city breath of breath, competing to look at the style of its style. Past the glory of the Egyptian female pharaoh snake totem is both legendary and fascinating, and now the same snake totem will once again be the glory of the Bulgari Rose Jinyang woman – every one as Egyptian Yan can control their own beauty , Psychedelic power of the women.
Bulgari Rose Golden Yang perfume distributed bright and warm, delicate and beautiful but very decisive, by the perfume perfect interpretation of “Serpenti” snake-shaped traps. Rose is the tone of fragrance, is also a color source; soft, full and reliable, in the rose halo distributed infinite sexy. Color and aroma of the intertwined, the Bulgari Rose Jin Yang perfume dazzling birth, through this fragrance masterpiece perfect woman’s endless appearance of mining pandora bracelet charms .
Over the past century, the Bulgari classic rose gold jewelry gemstones become the hottest, rose gold gorgeous golden light and noble rosy elegance that is a beautiful woman beautiful gesture of the best show. Rose gold in addition to set off the beauty of a woman, it is a woman elegant and flawless precious symbol; not only can link the sun’s bronze light and shadow, while people think of a woman’s shy cheek. Rose gold glued to the gem of elegance, as the musk is more Bogulie Rose Jin Yang perfume fragrance; bronze skin more gorgeous gorgeous, as the rose gold scattered pink light more and more immortal love.
Bathed in the sensual white musk, the Bulgari Rose Jin Yang perfume blend of Egyptian Damascus Rose essence and jasmine aroma. The aroma of the aroma is covered by the aroma of sandalwood. Bright and exotic flowers and fresh fruity to open the front tone, by the honor of the royal rose to join the perfume into the core of the main tone; then by the glowing musk to lead the fragrance transferred to a higher level, and finally to fine as the powder of wood aroma ending. This fine fragrance consisting of floral – rose – musk is made from many rare raw materials, including Damascus Rose Essence, Large Jasmine Essence, and Fragrance Fragrance charm bracelets pandora.

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