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– to create to commemorate
Since the birth of the first boutique in Paris in 1858, Boucheron has been through its 157 years. In 1893, Boucheron moved into Fontaine Square and opened the legendary poem as “the first jeweler of Fontaine Square”gold charms pandora. In this 157 years, Boucheron Po poetry dragon created countless dazzling handed down the tattoo, built into a unique “Boucheron Po poem” style jewelry language, and in the brand’s historical database, leaving a source for future generations Absolutely inspired. Boucheron’s contemporary designer team, with great vision and creative ingenuity, gives history a new life, to face the future of the new look forward to pay tribute to the past. Since the 19th century, the four brands of classic decorative – satin straight engraved, mirror inlaid diamonds, Paris ornaments and double circle concentric circles, to Quatre series of rings in the perfect blend, each other, become Boucheron Po Po Long Guangyao 21st century Another charm for the make pandora necklace charms.


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