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New Changes in Jewelry、 Cai Bao and K gold Industry

New Changes in Jewelry Industry
Facing the electricity business, foreign industry, the sudden emergence of the face of economic environment and take advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of their ability to have their own market, contrarian and will be difficult to enter the plight. Jewelry industry 2016 is a very critical year,sale on pandora rings  left is wins, innovation is a great opportunity! Do not dare to boil days to wait for the spring, we must take the initiative to respond to market changes. Therefore, look at the general trend, analysis of market characteristics, find a way out, every jewelry operators have to think twice, after summarizing that 2016 jewelry industry may have the following characteristics:
One, to link

Jewelry industry to enter the link, a large number of manufacturers, especially in the past, the processing of small factories will directly become a terminal retailer suppliers, and even directly involved in retail, and then the formation of price competition, and some wholesalers directly into Retail, sales channels will be diversified, direct marketing, pyramid schemes, or combined with micro-business, electricity and so on to compete for consumer groups!
Second, diversified business model pandora bracelets and charms
Diversified business model has been introduced, jewelry professional stores will be greatly increased, multi-brand combination of complementary business model will become the mainstream, the brand will be more obvious advantages, and gradually opened the gap, the more powerful brand characteristics, the international strong brand will step Into the Chinese market, and once again the formation of China imitation climax! In addition, the jewelry shop sink into the township community to become a new bright spot, open shop, shop, light assets, with the Internet to form a shared resource!
Third, enter the capital market
Jewelry industry rushed to market into the capital market, due to the bank’s debt and cut off, so that the jewelry industry is scarce, so enter the capital market financing, but also by raising funds to raise funds, of course, there are many acquisitions into the capital market, Including outside the industry injection jewelry market!
Fourth, consumer groups polarization pandora charms and bracelets
Consumer groups polarization, that is, brand high-end and parity poor, and consumers to 80,90 after the main, less than 5,000 yuan jewelry into the mainstream, especially less than 2,000 yuan in the low-end consumer heavy volume increased, electricity Business impact so that jewelry prices transparent, in particular, may be the type of Dipper type of burn-style marketing, the consumer forced into the Internet consumer, so may benefit the largest small processing enterprises, because Ali is more willing to face them directly!
Fifth, the industry will be more detailed shuffle
Store promotion and transformation will be the formation of a large reshuffle of the key, the market quickly into the sub-stage, the cake was cut into small pieces, the more thin, more refined, the industry chain is compact, clear division of labor, In the past, the advantages of a so-called one-stop business is desalinated, and even become weak, store atmosphere experience and professional services will be the advantage of the store business, at the same time, the occasion of the Internet, the customer came to the store to experience the use of media from customers!
Sixth, increase the advertising pandora bracelet & charms 
Jewelry industry will be shopping CCTV and TV channel advertising, brand competition, more intense, which is also a great promotion of jewelry consumption, but may not have more money to have a good effect, not to do advertising can be left to the last! It is important to do advertising is not good, can not be wide and inform, whether the impact of moving customers is the key, Qin pool and the outcome of the feast may be in the jewelry industry to reproduce!
Seven, Cai Bao and K gold consumption soared
Cai Bao and K gold consumption will soar! A variety of new products, cultural connotation of the products, functions and good technology products will be eye-catching market.
Personalized, diversified jewelery will be more adapted to 80 and 90 after. It is worth mentioning that jewelry customization is not an advantage, may not be suitable for the public jewelry market, the picture and the effect of wearing a gap, many customers get the goods after the sale is very regret, so jewelry can not only pay attention to style, but also pay attention to with the United States, This is the advantage of the store business!
Eight, lay cross-border jewelry  charms compatible with pandora bracelet
The industry will cross-border jewelry business, both from the capital, business model, marketing planning, capital operation, etc. will be brought into the jewelry industry, thus promoting the development and upgrading of the jewelry industry, market competition will smoke, but this is a good thing, Every upgrade of the industry, have to go through such a brutal shuffle process. It can be said that the total consumption of jewelry market in 2016 will increase, but the market competition is more intense, the Chinese jewelry industry will enter a new era, wearing jewelry will become the same as the daily consumption of clothing, And then to wear! Especially the star effect will lead people to wear!

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