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pandora pearl powder enhance immunity
The immune system is the body to prevent the invasion of the disease barrier, but also the disease after the invasion of the body resistance system. Pearl powder contains leucine, methionine, alanine and other 18 kinds of amino acids, amino acids are lymphoid tissue growth,sale pandora earrings  development and maturation necessary, and the intracellular protein synthesis rate and synthesis of protein types have a significant impact. Long-term adherence to the pearl powder can effectively improve the body’s immune system T, B lymphocyte activity, thereby enhancing the immune resistance. Many customers long-term use of pearl powder is significantly better than the peers before the color is much better.
pandora pearl powder add calcium physical fitness
Pearl powder as a new type of calcium, is more and more consumers by the favor and attention, was known as “pearl calcium.” Calcium content is high, pearl powder contains 90-92% of the active calcium, of which the amount of pure calcium reached 38-40%. Pearl powder of pure calcium than the regular service of calcium supplements calcium gluconate 4 times, is pure natural calcium, safe and healthy. Calcium absorption rate is high, the current market is divided into organic calcium and inorganic calcium two, the absorption rate of 25-32% between the ordinary pearl powder absorption rate of 29%, nano-grade pearl powder Absorption rate should be higher pandora rings on sale . If you are already serving pearl powder, then there is no need to take other calcium supplements to calcium.

 pandora pearl powder bao Chun Yan decline youth often
 Free radicals are an important factor in aging, with age, metabolism gradually slowed down, their ability to resist free radicals will be reduced, the skin and body organs will appear premature aging phenomenon. Pearl powder itself contains manganese, copper, zinc and other three trace elements are composed of SOD ingredients, with pearl powder coated surface, can promote the body's skin superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, inhibit the synthesis of melanin, keep the skin white The In addition, because SOD has the role of scavenging free radicals, so with pearl powder coated surface to prevent skin aging, wrinkling. It is worth noting that pearl powder should be transferred outside the support, continuous conditioning.
 pandora pearl powder Improve sleep and enjoy sleep
 According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, pandora in store sale pearl powder contains a variety of amino acids and trace elements can be on the brain center to "comfort and calm" role, the body can absorb the excessive excitement and lead to fatigue cells Nourish, make it quiet, for children suffering from epilepsy also applies.Of course, pearl powder is not God medicine, for emotional disorders, excitement, anxiety, depression and other insomnia, first of all should be spiritual self-adaptation, in this foundation On, with pearl powder, can effectively improve sleep, so that the body get enough rest.
 Liver eyesight
 Pearl powder has detoxification effect, to clear the fire. Liver main head, abalone is the head shade, blurred vision. At the same time, it has been found that selenium in pearl powder can enhance the transmission of visual nerve and improve visual acuity. Zinc in trace elements can promote the axoplasmic transport of optic nerve and improve the metabolism and function of retinal pigment and epithelial cells. "People's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia" narrative: "pearls have the function of the main purpose of shade, attending the head of the cloud", so many scholars will pearl powder "ophthalmic medicine." Long-term use of pearl powder, it may make you blurred the situation to be improved Oh pandora bracelets and charms.
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