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How to buy charm diamond jewelry

How to buy diamonds

Understand the above information, for how to buy diamonds, we should have a little spectrum of heart it! If you do not understand some of the proper nouns, nothing, the following Xiaobian to give you a list of 8 points to buy Raiders for your reference pandora bracelet jewelry .
1 to avoid cute cute style. So that the future will gradually become naive.
2 1 carat or so. If the economic license, a single grain diamond ring is preferred, more than 1 carat the most hedge.
3 Choose round diamonds. In the case of the same weight, the round diamonds are visually larger than the other shapes.
4 implicit low-key election square. In general, the square diamond light is more subtle and low-key.
5 platinum for the ring inlaid. Diamond ring is usually inlaid with white metal ring, you can bring out the diamond light.
6 diamonds do not have gold. Diamond with gold ring is a very pity combination, the two together there is always a strange sense of time and space pandora jewelry offers.
7 budget limited inlay drill. If the budget is limited, may wish to consider the embedded diamond diamond or platinum ring, diamond is not higher than the ring is appropriate
8 famous stores carefully considered. The price is high but the diamond is complete.

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