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Star also love pandora gold jewelry,Classic never fade.

May 6, 2016, jewelry brand old temple gold Nanjing Taiping South Road boutique grand opening, but also held a new conference. Activities pandora jewelry rings , the famous movie star, the old temple brand spokesperson Miss Sun Li should be invited to visit the scene of the brand, many industry guests and the partners are also invited to come to Xiang brand.

【New store opening peak】
Nanjing, this has 6,000 years of history of the ancient capital of civilization, is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. Old temple gold, originated in Shanghai, China’s old and famous, the top 500 brands in Asia, after more than a century of development, and now has become the country’s largest gold jewelry retail enterprises. Old temple gold as the Chinese traditional culture successor, into the Chinese nation since ancient times the essence of good luck culture, and the ancient capital of Nanjing deep cultural heritage.
The grand opening of the old temple of gold Taiping South Road boutique is located in the famous Nanjing jewelry street, the overall decoration elegant atmosphere, the continuation of the old temple gold brand style, filling the essence of traditional Chinese culture. In order to celebrate the grand opening of boutiques, at the same time show the brand in the Jiangsu market in-depth expansion of the determination of the old temple gold brand spokesperson Miss Sun Li came to the scene, at the same time, take this opportunity to release a number of new series, look forward to the old temple gold The essence of transport culture and share with consumers pandora charms gold.
Over the years, the old temple gold has been Jiangsu as an important market, the current brand in the province has more than 180 stores and counters. With the opening of the Nanjing Taiping Road boutique, the old temple brand in the future will not only provide consumers with more elements into the new era, the interpretation of the new Chinese flavor of the good luck, but also for the majority of consumers to create an elegant, Comfortable jewelry art exchange hall.

【Goddess Driving to Fu Yun】
Goddess driving to the blessing to the right! Activities scene, brand spokesperson Miss Sun Li dressed in graceful dress with old temple gold new stunning debut, gestures show its elegant temperament. She shared with the guests over the years with the old temple of gold indissoluble bond, and expressed the love of the brand new love. Since 2014, Miss Sun Li and the brand since the relationship between the two cooperation can be described as the day of the co-operation. Old temple gold very much appreciate the brand spokesperson Miss Sun Li atmosphere noble charming temperament, and was born in Shanghai, Miss Sun Li, but also on the old Chinese old temple gold brand has an extraordinary kind of affectionate.

Among the enthusiastic applause of the guests, Ms. Xu Jing, General Manager of Yuyuan Gold Jewelry Group Brand Marketing Department, Mr. Xu Shu, Director of Jiangsu Island Village Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhu Demao, Director of Jiangsu Gold Inspection Center and Ms. Sun Li, the brand spokesperson, Under the meaning of auspicious gold hairpin, opened the old temple of Nanjing Taiping South Road boutique blessing door pandora gold charm bracelet.
The brand new products launched a total of “apricot you have”, “happy married”, “margin full” three gold series and “flying”, “flower dance”, “only love” three diamond inlaid new products. Its design concept in the continuation of the classic heritage of the brand gene at the same time, learn the true meaning of love to the brand to Zhen craft will be perfect interpretation of the wedding and blessing.
“Combined into one, eternal happiness” is the apricot flower language. Designers to “Ginkgo biloba” as the prototype, with full gold brushed and floating sand of the composite treatment process, in the wedding dress jewelry style is more innovative. “Wedding married” wedding gold series, with never withered flowers interpretation of sweet and romantic. Works will be the perfect combination of traditional culture and fashion design, abandon the delicate design of flowers, the use of simple three-dimensional modeling with exquisite very wide production process, to create a beautiful chic and implication of the deep charm. “Margin full” series is the two sides keep their beloved, lifelong romantic swearing. The combination of sandblasting and polishing of the hook process reflects the “fold” the theme of the layered, so that jewelry implicitly convey the message of love gold pandora bracelet sale.
Diamond’s hard symbolizes the faithfulness of love, the purity of the diamond symbolizes the purity of love, the bright diamonds symbolize the warm love, “flying”, “flower dance”, “only love” three Pt950 diamond inlaid jewelry not only witness Love the good, but also escort the love of the boat toward forever. Exquisite product fantasy, carrying the faithful heartfelt wishes, lit the happy moments, carefully interpreted the glory of love, quietly evoke the inner resonance. Shining jewelry, ear swaying, fingertips bloom, to the bride brought little happiness in the spring.
The old temple gold pants uphold good luck culture, fine gold 100 refining cast classic fashion. After years of temper, lead Hua wash the old temple of gold, never changed the original intention of the brand, has been committed to the new elements of Chinese fashion into the brand centuries of cultural heritage, heritage of the essence of Chinese luck culture. Old temple gold from 1995 to win the Shanghai gold industry first side of the quality of the flag began, “Chinese old”, “Asian brand 500”, “China’s top 500 most valuable brands” and so on more than 100 honor, the brand value also The continuous improvement. The future, the old temple gold will continue to expand fine, the brand will be lucky heritage, so that the classic never fade pandora gold and silver bracelet.

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