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Charm of Clover Jewelry

Clover bracelet is proof of their love, the wind and rain along the way, as long as the bracelet is still, a pair of lovers will always be guarded by it. A year of companionship pandora silver and gold bracelet, five years of separation are as a four-leaf bracelet … … Clover is a symbol of luck, it has a different meaning of each leaf, a leaf to bring honor, a leaf to bring wealth, One leaf brings love, one leaves bring health.

Clover is a symbol of luck, jewelry is a woman’s best friend. Some big jewelers have a soft spot for the Clover, the design of a lot of fine four-leaf grass necklace, send Clover necklace is to send happiness, how can we not let the woman heart.


The meaning of the clover necklace

Clover is also called Clover. The legendary Clover is Eve from the Kingdom of Eden to the earth, the flower is happy. Scientific name alfalfa grass, is a perennial herb, generally only three small leaves, leaf shape was heart shape, leaf darker part of the heart is also heart.

The most interesting and most special is that in the hundreds of thousands of alfalfa, you may only find a ‘Clover’ because the chances are about one in ten thousand. So the ‘Clover’ is internationally recognized as a symbol of luck, Clover necklace has become a symbol of luck pandora gold bracelets and charms.

At the same time, Clover each leaf has a different meaning, which contains the dream of life four things: reputation, wealth, love and health, send Clover necklace, is to send the meaning of happiness!
Introduction of Clover Necklace

Clover necklace appreciation

Clover necklace is a symbol of luck, send a four-leaf clan necklace on behalf of sending happiness, how to let a woman heart. Many big jewelers such as Tiffany Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, Swarovski has a very beautiful Clover necklace.

The Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra series has been popular with women around the world since its inception. This symbol of luck, health, wealth and love of the four-leaf pattern is not only Van Cleef & Arpels symbolic design elements, but also become the most recognizable jewelry industry, one of the series pandora necklace for charms.

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