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Po Man Lan Duo launched Arabesque series of jewelry


Abstract POMELLATO (POMELLATO) will be attached to the United States and the United States in the attitude of the perfect embodiment of the tempting Arabesque jewelry, pandora dangle charms sale from the oriental art floral pattern to draw inspiration, will be very feminine sense of the flower pattern of the combination of exaggerated shape , To reproduce the brand’s exquisite “alchemy of the surgery.”

POMELLATO (POMELLATO) will be attached to the beauty of the attitude reflected in the most attractive Arabesque jewelry, from the oriental art floral pattern to draw inspiration, will be very feminine feeling of floral pattern fusion of exaggerated shape, Reproduce the brand’s exquisite “alchemy of the surgery”: committed to those who believe in their own charm and well versed in the wind with different people amazing women pandora gold and silver bracelet.

Qing Yin shallow poem “giant” for

As one of the representatives of Po Man Lan Duo, Arabesque series show exquisite rose gold hollow carving process, penetrating the Arab royal palace and private garden and other buildings presented in the art form, the integration of snowflake stone pane elements. When the light and fine gold ornaments meet the brand another file element “link”, large-size chain modeling necklace and bracelet show a touch of light texture pandora rings jewelry sale , so that it is suitable for wearing all day.

Oriental inspiration in the series of dome ring in the same can be interpreted. The superb craftsmanship of the strolls and the unique design of the mosaic make this ring of rose gold filled with light. The design of the same type of diamonds with diamonds is unique, 670 pieces of precision inlaid diamonds, pandora silver and gold bracelet such as rain as scattered in the Louhua gold on top, will show the exotic elegance of the branches of the Department of the glory of the glittering.

A pair of amber a ray of sunshine glimpse of flowers

Mysterious and ancient gem – amber symbolizes life, behind the more popular with a touch of myths and legends, and its birth and the sun god Apollo golden shine closely related. From the Nordic to China, since the prehistoric era of amber has been cherished, is considered to have the infinite energy of the stone sale on pandora rings: the loneliness, solitude, and even the regeneration of the flesh.

Transparent amber inlaid in the Arabesque series of classic rose gold leaf texture of the above, this is full of magical magic surrounded by fine gold, creating a light and shadow of the game. In the more precious diamond-studded style, amber projection of the warm halo sale pandora earrings in the bright brown diamond against the background of the more charming.

The lightweight pendant earrings are also accompanied by diamond-studded styles. Was surrounded by a hollow pattern of water droplets amber in the female moving breath swaying

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